I’ve always loved reading.

In the summer, with my parents, we went on vacation—and while everyone went to the beach, I found the only library in the city and, stocking up on a couple of sandwiches, went there to read books.

It was like this: when my friends went to dances, I took a book and went to the park—to a quieter place. They looked at me askance and thought it strange, but I didn’t care.

Even when I attended the university, my fellow students looked at me with some fear and awe, especially when, in my free time between lectures, I was holding The History of Ancient Aesthetics in my hands.

I then asked myself: why not share what I am discovering and learning?

Whether I walked the streets of ancient Rome, looked for life on unexplored planets, plunged to the bottom of the ocean, or argued with medieval mystics—will all this forever remain only mine?

This is how the idea of the “Enlightened Century” series was born.

The series I have conceived is unique. I do not know of a single almanac or journal that offers a similar view of mysticism and esotericism through the lens of science, history, psychology and art. This synthesis of themes opens up mysticism from a new, unexpected side.

Although mystical knowledge is esoteric today—this is especially surprising—the mystics of the past were the most educated people of their time.  Unfortunately, their views got lost in the river of time or were distorted, but here is the chance to restore justice and move forward.

We are not just moving forward, but returning to the origins of these ideas, adding modern science as well as the achievements of art to these ancient teachings.

Written in an easy and entertaining style, this book leads a fascinating conversation with the reader on serious topics.

My role is the editor, compiler and author of most of the articles and essays in the book. Several people helped me in my work, four of them provided me with their stories for publication. Contributors include the leading prose writers of our time, and their participation in the book brings interesting and bright colors to it. 

The book will be part of a collection. I plan to continue publishing the books of the Enlightened Century series.

Dmitiry Yakubov
Writer, Editor, Content Coordinator for The Enlightened Century