The most famous mystics, from Hermes Trismegistus to Franz Mesmer, were the most educated people of their time.

Moreover, mysticism for them was not a means of escaping the world. On the contrary, their mysticism was a way of knowing the world. In their teachings, they used and generalized the most advanced scientific knowledge of their time. Perhaps they would be very surprised that we call them mystics. From their point of view, they were scientists.

Mesmer did not consider himself a mystic, he believed that he had made a fundamental scientific discovery—the discovery of animal magnetism. This confusion is due to the fact that many scientific postulates of those times were eventually rejected by science and are now perceived as a kind of “mysticism” divorced from life.

However, the whole point is that real mysticism is always a synthesis of advanced knowledge about a person and magical skills, rituals and teachings of the past.

This is the path we will follow also. In our curated collection, you will find articles on contemporary problems of psychology and sociology, plus essays on the history of human civilization—and articles on mystics of the past, unique ancient texts, as well as works of art that uplift the soul. Forward, my friends!

To true mysticism, to this amazing science of the most incomprehensible secret—the secret called “human.”